2021 will be # 1 for fun 

​​Global Wireless WiFi

Special Dedicated Network access "Crew Cruise" for all crew members. Setting up Private all-inclusive social locations in Port locations to relax, use WhatsApp, Skype & more, stream or download movies, & enjoy your time off the ships. We also offer remittance services to send your money back home for a fraction of the price of others. email us for more information.

easy Access

Crew cruise 

cruise passengers


Easy, reliable, secure military grade encrypted Internet Network access to live TV, Video on Demand movies & much more. Our  Network names or SSID's are "Global WiFi", "Cruise WiFi", "Crew WiFi" & "Cozumel Connect" have the strongest signal strengths at a fraction of the price of others. We let you enjoy your time onshore with no hassles.

​​THE All in 1 Total Communications Delivery Platform covering Global Land, Air & Sea = G-LAS Global Wireless can offer high speed secure Internet Access, seamless wireless cell carriers & valued added products & services in the US, Caribbean, Mediterranean & Baltic Cruise Ports &  “SMART”  Cruise Port destinations worldwide.

  • Prepaid Access & Free Internet 

  • Live TV, Music, Video & Movie libraries and many more digital applications

  • High Speed Satellite Down-links to the Cruise ships at Sea

  • Our New E-Band spectrum Point to Point 50+ Gig connectivity up to 5 miles from shore

  • Communications connectivity with our Cell carriers for global roaming, remittance & payrolls

  • Our partner websites:
  • www.MedMasksLLC.com

  • World 1st 28 day re-usable anti-viral, anti-bacterial, self sanitizing, face masks for the best personal protection for cruising

  •  www.PureAirInc.Club 
  • Pure Air offers a vast amount of Healthcare, Industrial & Scientific supplies & equipment globally

  • The Good News Networks www.TheGNN.info

  • www.PureAirScientific.com