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​​THE All in 1 Total Communications Delivery Platform covering Global Land, Air & Sea = G-LAS Global Wireless can offer high speed secure Internet Access, seamless wireless cell carriers & valued added products & services in the US, Caribbean, Mediterranean & Baltic Cruise Ports &  “SMART”  Cruise Port destinations worldwide.

  • Prepaid Access & Free Internet 

  • Live TV, Music, Video & Movie libraries and many more digital applications

  • High Speed Satellite Down-links to the Cruise ships at Sea

  • Our New E-Band spectrum Point to Point 50+ Gig connectivity up to 5 miles from shore

  • Communications connectivity with our Cell carriers for global roaming, remittance & payrolls

  • Our websites:
  •  www.007WiFi.Club 

Special Dedicated Network access "Crew Cruise" for all crew members. Setting up Private all-inclusive social locations in Port locations to relax, use WhatsApp, Skype & more, stream or download movies, & enjoy your time off the ships. We also offer remittance services to send your money back home for a fraction of the price of others. email us for more information.


​​Global Wireless WiFi

Easy, reliable, secure military grade encrypted Internet Network access to live TV, Video on Demand movies & much more. Our  Network names or SSID's are "Global WiFi", "Cruise WiFi", "Crew WiFi" & "Cozumel Connect" have the strongest signal strengths at a fraction of the price of others. We let you enjoy your time onshore with no hassles.

Crew cruise