​​Global Wireless WiFi

GWW's simple High Speed Secure Low cost WiFi & Cell service is the place to securely connect !

Our team has over 25 years in the wireless technology business as well as travel, cruise lines, hospitality, telecom, IT, investment banking and customer service related businesses. We know what WE want when traveling so we can insure WE deliver what YOU want when YOU are traveling. As we like to say - "Service doesn't cost, it pays." 

 Have you dreamed of visiting a quiet paradise yet still need connectivity?  When you want to cruise the Internet-  you need the strongest & clearest signal, uninterrupted high speed, low cost, reliable & secure access for streaming & all your mobile devices.  Why settle and pay for expensive dial-up or satellite service just to stay in touch with the world?

 "Great quality, speed and ease of use should not be a hassle or a small fortune" - Global Wireless WiFi delivers just that" -  S. Martin, Miami customer.

In the USA, Caribbean & the EU you’ll discover a new breed of customer focused internet access & speed that is easy going and stress free.  We take the time to design, build, own & operate the next generation of gigabit Internet WiFi access networks to meet your needs while waiting to arrive by Cruise ship, near Ports or going on excursions on-shore. 

When traveling, purchase our low cost WiFi connection by the hour, day or the week. Look for our Network Signals or SSID "Global WiFi" or "Cruise WiFi" network connections on your cell phone, & other WiFi devices or our "Global WiFi" logos at a your next destination port or duty free shopping centers. 

1 touch CONNECTions