Why Invest in our Secure Rapid Deployment (SRD) WiFi?

​​Global Wireless WiFi

The demand for continuous high speed connectivity to the Internet is insatiable. Global  WiFi is uniquely positioned for rapid growth and deployment of commercial grade, low cost, high capacity WiFi.

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​Global Wireless is always seeking smart partners, digital advertisers and joint venture opportunities to rapidly expand our presence in Florida, the Caribbean Islands & globally. For more information on this fast growth industry and to grow with us 
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Customized State of the Art Software live Streaming TV & licensed Movies, Military Grade Encryption, Enhanced Switching Equipment and solar powered WiFi Access Points allow for seamless “mesh style” integration at any Cruise Port in the world.

We also can build Next Generation Hotspots (NGH) creating high-speed encrypted ISP platforms using Artificial Intelligence, single sign on PassPoint technology, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platforms as a Service (PaaS) integrations, Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) for the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain tech for verifications, time stamping for digital, addressable & programmatic marketing & advertising in Smart Cities & Ports.

10,000+ simultaneous user soft switch & iCloud capabilities can easily handle any number of passengers per location (e.g.-10,000 users/customers x 10 Ports = 100,000 user’s x $5 = $500,000 per day potential) Each location will have back up equipment for 24/7 up time of our Wi-Fi network operations and Blockchain data time-stamped, & encrypted iCloud security.

Constantly improving, upgrading, innovating and integrating Apps, Solar powered Access Point’s & Equipment, energy saving LED lighting, video security, Wi-Fi, LTE, Li-Fi, real 5G and new evolving technologies and performance so we will always have the best of breed in speed, content & innovation solutions available.